> (`Repl-electric)

"Repl Electric" perform live music programming.

Liveness is the key, controlling graphics and sound that respond to the space, the crowd and the moment.

Poetry and engineering woven together.

>Live Music Programming ♫

Programming source code is a means of a human communicating with a machine. The code is hidden away, never seen by anyone who uses the program. The nuances, beauty and communicative aspects of the code are lost, all thats left is 1s and 0s stuck inside your machine.


Live music programming allows humans to make the connection between the source code and its effect on the world. To watch the code grow along with its music.

(defsynth repl-electric [] (out [left-and-right-speakers] (music)))

>Watch Repl Electric live code

Binding code, graphics and music into a performance.

>Hear our Repl Electric sound:

>Repl Electric Live

Upcoming Live performances:

  • Uk, Cheltenham, Festival of Science, 5th-10th June 2018

Previous performances:

  • Hungary, Budapest, A66 / 9th May 2018 8pm
  • Uk, Exeter, Isle of Ruby Conference, April 14th 2018
  • Algorave 6th Birthday streamed live - 16:00:00 GMT, 16th March 2018 https://algorave.com/wearesix/
  • UK, Oxford, (The Old Fire Station), Evening Of Algorithmic Arts, 9th Sept 2017 http://functional-art.org/2017/performance.html
  • Algorave 5th Birthday. Streamed live: 17th March 2017 https://algorave.com/wearefive/
  • UK, Loseley Park, Electromagnetic Field August 5th-7th 2016
  • UK, London, April 23rd 2016
  • USA, San Francisco, (Pier 27) May 24th-25th 2016
  • Netherlands, Utrecht (HKU Conservatorium), Nov 14th
  • Austria, Salzburg, Oct 17-18th
  • Canada, Vancouver, Sept 5th
  • Finland,Tampere, (Hämeenpuisto 28) Sept 11th
  • Germany, Berlin (Universität Potsdam), 1st August
  • UK, Leeds, June 14th http://iclc.livecodenetwork.org/
  • Berlin, Germany (Fritzclub), May 8th 2015
  • Australia, Melbourne (Deakin Edge theatre) 7th February 2015
  • Spain, Bilbao (La Escucha Errante 2014) 17th-19th Oct, 2014
  • Sweden, Göteborg (3:e Våningen) 6th Sep, 2014
  • UK, London (ETC Venues) 16th May, 2014
  • US, Sandusky (Kalahari Resort) 9th Jan, 2014


As well as playing music we are also keen to share and inspire programmers to become musicians and musicians to become programmers.

>Read our Source Code

The code used to build our music is open and free for all to peer inside:
Repl Electric on Github.
Our code is sculpted in the various programming languages like Clojure or Ruby. And uses the open source audio environment Supercollider wrapped with Overtone or Sonic Pi.

>What is a REPL?

A REPL is a program which is constantly running with the following phases:

  • Reads (R)
  • Evaluates (E)
  • Prints (P)
  • Loops (L) back to Read

We send our programming code to this REPL which in turn generates our REPL music.

>Get in touch

If you are interested in Repl Electric performing for your event, creating compositions for games or installations, or want to colloborate with us get in touch: joseph@repl-electric.com